Merry Christmas from Sask Pro-Life

_2017__Christmas_Letter_Header.pngThe town was crowded with people who had come to be registered. I am picturing a mother and a father in need, but everyone is too busy, too crowded to pay attention to them, pushing them out, or even worse, shunning them, not even recognizing their presence. We need to ask ourselves, "Do I forget about the mother and father of an unplanned child, or a child lost to abortion or the elderly person who is in a child-like state of dementia or Alzheimer's?"

The wonderful supporters and members of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association have not forgotten the mother, the father, and the child through their generous donations of time, action, and financial assistance. I am so very grateful for each and every one of you. You have blessed the work of Sask Pro-Life abundantly.

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first-post.pngThis is the first blog post. You can insert photos into a post and embed content. Blogs are extremely useful, as they provide a platform for highlighting things taking place on your nation, as well as news or press that develops. They also keep your site content fresh, and increase the likelihood someone searching for topics related to your nation will find your website.

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