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The rose has always been a symbol of the Pro-Life movement, and Sask Pro-Life has used it for many years. The detail and delicacy of a rose is a reminder of the preciousness of life at every stage. We once were able to give our Rose Donors a metal rose to remind them of their prayerful and financial support of Pro-Life.

Now that access to that memento is difficult for us, we have found a new way to thank our Rose Members.

Sask Pro-Life would like to offer the opportunity for our donors to have this  beautiful reminder of the sanctity of life to tell the world. By becoming a monthly donor of thirty dollars, you will receive this new international Pro-Life Flag (3'x5'), and together we can be reminded of our mission to love and pray for the protection of all life!

This is a symbol we hope becomes popularized by you our closest supporters. Symbols have power and the ability to form the world we live in.


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